2 TOXIC Pot Stocks You Should Avoid Like the Plague
(#1 will surprise you)

Before you put even a penny into the surging cannabis boom, you’ve got to see this.

Many pot stocks out there right now might not be what you think they are… and going in blindly could have devastating consequences.

Avoid these 2 pot stocks at all costs…

#2 – Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF) is one of the “big 3” of cannabis companies in Canada (along with Tilray and Canopy Growth). The stock now sells at more than 260 times sales – nearly unheard of in the history of publicly traded companies. Even with future growth expected to increase, the company trades with a high price to sales based on 2020 revenue. The company has been on a buying spree the last two years and to achieve this it has issued more shares and taken on more debt. The strategy management has taken will put a lid on the upside.

#1 – Tilray (TLRY) has been the posterchild of the 2018 marijuana rally. The stock was a screaming buy at $25 in August, but at $167 the stock is way overvalued and the upside is limited. The stock trades at an insane 355 times sales over the last 12 months. Even if we look ahead to 2019, the average estimate for sales is $155 million. A $15.5 billion market cap results in price to sales ratio of 100!

Bottom line: There are much better plays in the booming cannabis industry right now.

Like what?

Leading cannabis industry insider, Matt McCall, who some have dubbed the “Nostradamus of pot stocks” says there’s one simple pot-stock buying blueprint EVERYONE should be following right now…

He would know. He’s been following this industry since the beginning. He’s on a first name basis with many of the business owners, CEOs and majority shareholders in the industry. He started his own early stage equity firm, were he’s helped entrepreneurs in the pot industry secure start-up capital to start future billion-dollar businesses.

He’s also made more than 1,500 appearances on channels like CNN, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV – when they want to know what’s going on in the markets.

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Doug W. from Panama City, FL says:

“I purchased two of your pot recommendations. Together, I’m up about $6,000-7,000 in under 2 months. Usually, I’m a ‘buy and hold’ mutual fund investor… so, not too shabby!”

Jeff L. says:

“I’ve more than tripled my money on your marijuana recommendations. Your analysis is great. I would recommend this to anyone.”

Andy W. told me:

“Obviously the marijuana stocks have done very well… which I’m happy about. I’ve made more than $3,000 so far.

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Bottom line: This could be the most important day this year in the pot industry and very few people are prepared for it…

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